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Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us. My husband Charles and I have embarked on a most amazing journey during our twenty-three years of marriage. In addition to our services in the ministry, Charles works as an Optometrist and I previously worked as an optometric technician. It was our mutual interests in the optometric field that enabled us to meet.Between us, YHVH has blessed us with six children, and we're learning more about his sacred word every day. Chuck was raised in the Catholic Church, however I was not brought up in any particular denomination. After being born again, I was immediately drawn to the full gospel church. At that time, I was friends with Chuck and I extended to him an invitation to the church I was attending. Not only did this bring about his leaving the Catholic Church, but he became a member there where I attended and served as an usher.

After a year and a half there, we felt led to leave and attend a different full gospel church. It was at this church where Chuck taught the teen Sunday school class, and I began writing for the weekly church bulletin. During the next five years at this church, Chuck became a licensed and ordained minister under Kingsway Fellowship International. It was during this time in 1989 when we became married.

During these years, we were always attracted to the Hebrew Roots of our faith. In addition to buying all the books and materials that were available on that subject, we also watched any programs as well. During that time, with the exception of Hatikva Ministries with Joe Good, the options we were aware of in this particular area were scarce. For the next five years, we relocated and attended another non-denominational church, while still pursuing the Hebrew Roots of our faith. It was there Chuck began teaching adults and I continued my writing. During that time, I became a licensed and ordained minister also. However, when you teach the true walk of the Spirit and the Torah, sometimes it causes problems with others in the church who have not been given that revelation yet.

We realized it was time to go out on our own and teach the correct Torah based walk, and this we did. It has been approximately 15 years on our own now and we are still teaching and still learning. We have come a long way in the past 22 years and studied hard. We hope you enjoy and learn from our articles and materials on the web site. We also offer tapes and materials by mail. Feel free to contact us and may YHVH  bless you.


We are born again believers from all Christian and Messianic congregations returning to the walk of the first century followers of Yeshua (Jesus).

We teach and observe the Sabbath and the seven festivals of Israel as it was done by the first century Nazarenes. We do this as it would apply to the 21st century believers in Yeshua today.

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