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 1:1-6:1Parasha Shemot
 6:2-9:35Parasha Vayera
 10:1-13:16 Parasha Bo
 13:17-17:16Parasha B'Shllach
 18:1-20:23Parasha Yitro
 21:1-24:18Parasha Mishpatim
 25:1 to 27:19Parasha T'Rummah
  27:20-30:10Parasha Tetzaveh
 30:11-34:35Parasha Ki Tessa
 35:1 - 38:20 Parashah Vayachel
 38:21-40:28 Parashah Pekudei
 1:1-6:7 Parasha Vayikra
 6:8-8:36Parasha Tzav
 9:1 to 11:47Parasha Shemini
 12:1-13:59Parasha Tazria
 14:1-15:33Parasha Mitzora
 16:1-18:30Parasha Eimot
 19:1-20:27Parasha Kedoshim
 21:1-24:23Parasha Emor
 25:1-26:2Parasha Behar
 26:3-27:34Parasha BeChukotai
 1:1-4:20Parasha BaMidbar
 4:21-7:89Parasha Naso
 8:1-12:16 Parasha B'Haalotcha
 13:1-15:41Parasha Shlach Lecha
  16:1-18:32Parasha Korach
 19:1-22:1Parasha Chukkat
 22:2-25:9Parasha Balak
 25:10-29:40Parasha Pinchas
 30:1-32:42Parasha Patot
 33:1-36:13Parasha Mesei
 1:1-3:22Parasha Devarim
 3:23-7:11Parasha Vietchanan
 7:12-11:25Parasha Eikev
 11:26-16-17Parasha Re'eh
 16:18-21:9Parasha Shoftim
 21:10-25:19Parasha KiTeze
 26:1 to 29:8Parasha KiTavo
 29:9-30:20Parasha Nitzavim
 31:1-30Parasha Vayelech
  32:1-52Parasha HaAzinu
 33:1-34:12ParashaV'Zot HaBerachah
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